PJ Masks FAQ

[ + ] Why isn’t my city on the schedule?

For the most up-to-date schedule information, visit us here. Please note that this site displays confirmed performance dates only. Please sign up for PJ Masks Live! email to receive tour announcements for future cities.

[ + ] How and where can I purchase tickets?

Click here to see our list of upcoming performances. Then find the show in your area, and click on “Get Tickets” for all the specific information you need to order tickets. You may also contact the venue listed for your city for more information.

Be sure you purchase tickets only from the links on pjmaskslive.com, or through your local venue’s website. Secondhand distributors are NOT official ticketing sites. Tickets purchased through these resellers and non-official ticketing sites may not be valid. If you have questions, call your local venue's box office.

[ + ] What is the V.I.P. (Very Important PJ Masks Meet and Greet Upgrade)?

The Very Important PJ Masks Meet and Greet features access to an after-show Meet and Greet photo opportunity with your 3 favorite PJ Masks heroes, along with a PJ Masks souvenir bag!

Meet and Greet Package purchasers should go to the check-in table prior to the event to pick up the Meet and Greet information packet. Each adult and child (age 1 and up) in a group must have a Meet and Greet Ticket. Patrons will be directed where to go for the after-show event. The Meet & Greet event will start shortly after the end of show and last approximately 30 minutes.

Please make sure to bring your camera, as you will want to capture every amazing moment!

Parents, please note that our Meet & Greet characters are the in costume characters directly from the stage. While most children are excited to meet the characters up-close, others can feel frightened. If your child is scared or hesitant to meet the characters, we recommend moving to the back of the line; This will allow your child the extra time he/she may need to warm up to the characters and see how they interact with other children present. A Meet and Greet ticket must be purchased by a Parent/Guardian along with the child\'s ticket. Children are not allowed access without a Meet and Greet paid adult.

Meet and Greet tickets are not tickets to the show.

Meet and Greet ticket holders must have a separate show ticket to have access to the show and the Meet and Greet.

[ + ] How to I get a code to purchase pre-sale tickets?

In order to receive a pre-sale code you must first signup for the PJ Masks email list found on the home page.

[ + ] Is my child the right age to see PJ Masks Live?

If your child has celebrated their first birthday they will need a ticket to the performance. The show is catered for ages 2 to 6 but as an action packed live stage show, PJ Masks Live! is enjoyable for the whole family! Some venues may require all persons entering the theater to have a ticket. Please ask your local box office if you have a specific question.

[ + ] Do you offer any special ticket pricing for large groups?

Yes! You can gain additional information by contacting your local box office.

[ + ] What time should I arrive?

Please make sure to allow time for traffic, parking and entrance delays. Once inside the venue you may want to purchase merchandise or refreshments before being seated at the start of the show.

[ + ] How long is the show?

A typical performance of PJ Masks Live! is around 80 minutes in length (including one 20 minute intermission) featuring singing, dancing and saving the day!

[ + ] Can I bring a camera?

Yes, we wouldn’t want you to miss the opportunity to capture this special moment! However, professional photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Round Masks Live LLC. Even if your camera gear just appears professional, you may be asked to take it out of the performance space.

Many of the venues we visit have their own camera policies, which their staff members must enforce. We recommend checking your local venue's policy, too!

[ + ] Will there be merchandise at the show?

Yes! Offerings include character toys, light up activations, branded articles and clothing, activity books, and much more that children will enjoy long after the performance ends.

[ + ] Who can I contact about show merchandise or a question regarding PJ Masks Live!?

You can contact the show directly at pjmaskslive@roundroomlive.com